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Tuning software?

On my c5z I used some data logging software to have a custom tune installed, it helped some - not huge improvements but you could tell. Highly tuned engines usually don't have much "left on the table".

Diablo, ls1 edit are a couple the GM guys use.

Is there any hanheld tuner or editing software for the voodoo engine?




Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
SCT and HP Tuners should both support this PCM. Kiss your 5/60 powertrain warranty goodbye, though. I'd hold off until past warranty term if it were my choice.

If you are planning to go ahead anyways, make sure you are using a competent tuning house like AED or VMP.



BTW are there any scheduled & REQUIRED dealer visits? I am pretty comprehensive when it comes to doing my own maintenance and always do things more frequent than "suggested".

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