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S197 Ulmi's Ford Mustang GT 4.6 V8 Cup Racer Build Thread Profile - S197 Mustangs

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10-20 Years
Colmar, FRANCE

A little bit of update here.

First thing first, the day I got it home:


That was a 1800km (~1100 miles) trip to the very end of Netherlands.


After a quick check, it appeared that I had a broken front control arm.
I fixed it by buying Ford Performance parts, story here:


After an alignment, I was able to do the first try on track!

Actually, I was not really pleased, the seller gave me very old slicks, and the engine overheated quickly, after like 5 or 6 laps.
My local track is not very long, so it's a little bit hard for cooling, and it was a very hot day, over 34°c (~93°f).

I decided anyway to refresh all the cooling system with brand new radiator, water pump, thermostat, expansion tank cap and coolant.

I find that the OEM radiator is very small, beside what I'm used to with my old BMW.
So I went with a Mishimoto, wich is 2x thicker, 50mm vs 25 ( 2 vs 1 inch).


I bought the Motorcraft PW496, that was indicated compatible with this engine.


I was surprised to see that the propeller has a larger diameter than the one that was on the car. I checked and try to fit, and it was ok so I figured it would be good.

I found in the same time another problem, the cooling fan was not kicking in, and after some investigation, the connector in the fuse box just melted...


I fixed that and added a switch inside to manually operate the fan, through a relay.

After that, I was able to test it again!


Oooops, no, I forgot the old tyres.

So I ordered a set of Hoosier S100, to give them a try.


Now I was ready!

Ok, went an evening with friends at the track, and had a drive.

This car is simply amazing.
It's not different to drive than my previous M3.
It's more stable in corner, I guess thanks to its greater width.
I was impressed at how early I can go full throttle on a corner, the limited slip differential is doing a great job here.

Here is a video of this first evening, filmed from a buddy's M3, similar in performance to my previous one:


I'm really pleased, the car is working perfectly.

I took it to the track another evening, and it was very cool too.

Here is an inside video:


Next thing I'll do is take it to the dyno, to check engine's health. After 2 gas tanks of track driving, it did not burn any oil, I'm happy with that :)

* The only complain I have is the gearbox. It's perfect in the first 4 gears, but the 5th is really really really too long! :eek: What is the best option for that? Is a shorter 5th available for this gearbox? Or better to find / put another gearbox? Or just live with that?
* My front tyres only lasted 3 evenings, and are completely worn. Maybe I'm putting a little bit too much stress on them from my driving style, but I find that very quick wear though. I asked during the alignment to put zero toe in front, because that's what was good on my BMW. Maybe there is a better setting, toe in, toe out? I have about -4° of camber. Or it is just due to the engine weight and there is nothing to do?

Thanks for reading ! :)

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