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Untimate Street Car Association or USCA

Has anyone heard of them or have any experience with them? This could be interesting but I'm not quite sure what it is? :eek:

"USCA has made a commitment to produce 10 national events in 2014 that will establish a consistently formatted series for enthusiasts of all skill levels. From simple membership, social and vendor interaction activities, to serious competition, the USCA will offer something relevant to all street car and performance enthusiasts, manufacturers, and service providers.
The USCA is an independent organization outside the control of any specific sponsor or organization. The USCA managing staff is comprised of industry professionals that have years of experience creating and producing competitive on and off-track automotive events throughout the country. Safety, professionalism, education, and fun will be our key initiatives.
The events and the series will provide a safe and fun experience for all enthusiasts and each event will encourage participants of all levels. From great social activities to camaraderie on the road, USCA promises to offer a valuable and memorable experience."
Tulsa, OK
I've just recently heard of them. They are doing an event at Texas Motor Speedway next month that I would like to go to but can't make it work with my schedule. The concept is pretty cool from what I can gather. It's basically a competition to see who truly has the fastest streetcar. Your car has to be street legal and on at least 200 treadwear tires. Your total score is derived from how your car does in 5 different categories (design and engineering, road rally, autocross, road course, and speed/stop test. My only issue is that it's $500 for the competition. Hard to swallow when you can spend $200-$300 for a full weekend of track driving. Here are the rules for the competition:
Tulsa, OK
I read through the rules a bit and the "design and engineering" portion seems pretty subjective. I think it will be interesting to see how they judge each car.

Bill Pemberton

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Blair, Nebraska

Where are you in the Midwest? Depending on where you are you can go to Midwest NASA or Central Region NASA, pay alot less for a weekend with instruction and have a built in step up program to run Time Trials later. Bunch of us are running in NASA, and it is a well established , low key, track group, with avenues to start with track instruction, to time trials , to full blown racing.

If you are in Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, S. Dakota, even Minnesota give me a call and would be happy to discuss with you. Plus you should really consider the Mustang Roundup/Boss Reunion in September at Motorsports Park Hastings ( ), as there will be a ton of Bosses there ( along with a 2013 Stang and Ford Engineers )
I'm in southwestern Indiana. I might go to Gateway or Road America. Ive been to a couple nasa events but never participated was there to help a friend out with a car. The main reason i want to run is to see if i can run well enough to get invited to Vegas for the Ultimate Street Car Invitational.

Grant 302

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Ha! The rules suggest 'no RCWALPs' I guess the Boss is out? ;)

Sounds like fun, but the scoring is strangely subjective. And I don't get who would 'tour' with this group to rack up season points?

Might check it out when it's here in Fontana.
Tulsa, OK
I don't understand why anyone would want to tour with them either. Seems like a once a year kind of deal.

Subjectice scoring...just not a fan. It's like figure skating for cars.

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