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Update: Hood Struts for Tiger Racing hood

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Finally found a set of hood struts with a lightweight load that will work with the fiberglass Tiger Racing hood weighing 20 lbs. They are made by Classic Design Concepts (CDC) in Wixom, MI. They supply these hood struts to Ford for use on the new Cobra Jet Mustang racecar. The person to contact is John Phillips, 866-624-7997.
Id like some info on thr tiger hood like where to buy the best quality? Are there any water problems getting into the engine bay causing a mess/rust? Ive considered this as a good cooling move when I install a supercharger.
Bulldogracer, Thanks for the research, I've been looking for a good set of struts to get rid of the hood prop, as it doesn't work well with the Tiger Racing hood anyway. I'll give them a shout.

Jeepinocala, Tiger Racing is the manufacture of the hood, you can buy directly through them or through Kenny Brown. Not sure who else sells it. There are two versions, FG and CF. There was a fairly significant cost difference between the two. I went with FG and have had some degassing issues in the paint but I seem to be one of the very few with this issue. My guess is I got a hood hot off the press.

Over all, the product quality is great. I've purchased several FG hoods and other parts over the years and this hood was top notch. Little to no prep work.

As for water, that's been a concern of mine. Not so much while I'm out and about as I dodge the rain but when washing the car. I've simply laid a large microfiber waffle weave towel over the engine and shut the hood when washing it so I don't "soak" the engine compartment when washing the hood. Then I use the same towel to dry out and clean up the engine compartment when I'm done washing it.


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