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Upgraded Brakes

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Just ordered a new set of Baer ( Shelby) Extreme 6S rotors and calipers for the availability at $1299 for the set (Front)....over 60% off of the regular price from Baer....
Fantastic deal in limited quantities..... (even if they do say "Shelby" on them)....
I believe the kit is from the Shelby Store. Cross drilled rotors though, so not track friendly. Still a good value. They have the rear kit discounted as well. It would be interesting to see where the current pricing is for the 15" Shelby brakes.
The Shelby website specifically indicates that both the front and the rear package will fit the Boss 302. Agree that the cross drilled rotors are geared more for high performance street use, my track events are limited to 2-3 per year and are moderate, so I believe that I will be ok here...I will post pics once installed..
Only color left when I ordered mine were the yellow calipers.....


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I ordered a set of DBA 5000's for the front, they are the 2-peice rotors in Gold. And a set of 4000's for the rear also with the gold centers. Once they get in and I get the time, I'll miss mantle the cars brake system, clean the hell out of the calipers and paint them to match the car color, then install new hawk pads and the new rotors. I have a bunch of stuff to install so I'll make a good week of up-grades once I have everything ready to go. Hint...there will be welding involved!!!
New Baer/Shelby 6s front brakes arrived today. Think the will look good behind the Black Forgestar's. More importantly they should perform better than the 4 piston Brembo's.
They even come pretty close to matching the Koni's....(Bonus)
Ordered the matching Baer Eradaspeed +2 for the rear, as well as new stainless lines.
Hope to get everything installed this week. Will post impressions after I have "seasoned" and broken them in.
Working to get all of this done before I head to Tulsa for the MidAmerica Ford and Team Shelby event.

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