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Used 2013 with 5k on it. What's it worth?

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Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
I'd say under $40k. Lots are listed over $40 on autotrader, but those are just asking prices. I'm sure those that were traded to dealers went for way less than that. Are you buying or selling?
if they are asking $44,800 they probably have about $41K in it so you might be able to negotiate to a point in between those numbers. I have seen a couple with less than 1,000 miles in that same price range. also, see if it has Trac Key already installed that will save you another $500 over a new one. Remember also that a new one unless it is green will be about $45,600.


Relapsed Turbo Addict
Local dealer is asking $44,995 for a 2012 PW Boss with roughly 72XX miles on it. I'm pretty sure they are using the marked up prices of the new cars to justify the MSRP level of used pricing. You've definitely got room to negotiate.


2012 PW #2558
It is so funny that I came home and read this post. I was driving home today from work thinking about selling mine. 2012 PW #2558 Recaros/Torsion/Cover/Matts/Boss Owners Kit, front bumper not drilled - approx 800 miles, garaged, never seen rain, all docs, no liens, basically brand new.

I just looked up the KBB private party value $41,340. I would sell mine for $41,250 or very close to that. Anyone interested ???

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