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Used Nomex Racing Suits etc.

I stumbled upon this site looking for a reasonably priced racing suit.
They have some nice used racing suits reasonably priced. Look specifically at the used G-Force suit for $129 in Small, Medium, and X-Large, and then look at the Racing Jackets Used and Racing Pants for a the same suit, brand new in Large. Great deal for the weekend warrior. Tell them Bill from TMO sent you.
See you on the track!
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Could be an interesting thought, but anymore one can buy a new suit for a pretty reasonable price through many retailers - and primarily because there is alot more competition than in years past.

One item I would likely avoid it the used Nomex underwear -- sorry, I am out on the savings, ha,ha!!
agreed on the availability of good new suits these days with the increased competition from manufacturers and retailers.
I stumbled upon my current suit on's a Stand 21 3-layer suit that was Scott Sharp's Patron ALMS suit. The guy selling it had bought it at a charity auction...he bought two, Scott's and Scott's co-driver's not knowing which would fit him...the other fit him and the Scott Sharp suit fit me perfectly...didn't even look / smell like it had been worn...$200 for the suit...only downside is that at track days people sometime walk up, somewhat sheepishly, looking for an autograph or something. If they saw me drive, they'd know 'I'm no Scott Sharp...'
No Nomex used underwear in my future. I received the suit. The Jacket is in great shape, the pants must have been worn by the pit crew. No rips or tears, but a little faded with a few grease stains. I'm sure it will get me through the season though. If it really gets to me, I'll go buy a matching set of pants. The Jacket came from a Nascar team sponsored by Advocare. No autographs please! :)
I got a one-piece for Lemons and regret not getting a jacket and pants instead. A jacket is much easier/faster to tear off in the summer to get relief. The jacket also makes it easier to use a coolshirt. Hoses dangling out the bottom of your one-piece zipper at the crotch just leads to a relentless onslaught of jokes from guys who think they are the first to mention it. It gets old fast. But at least it's Lemons so stripping out of your suit in underwear in the garages is no big deal, and there is enough time between stints to do so. One team just wears neon speedos the entire time, even in October...

Anyways, I got the G-Force suit on eBay for $200, I believe it was overstock or a floor model. Not a bad deal at all.
If you just want to check the safety equipment box, a two piece is fine. If you want real fire protection, get a one piece. And don't wear it while working on your car in between runs. Those grease spots burn very well.

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