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Vandalism or just bad luck? Confirm or deny my paranoia!

Since having these tires I have gone to one autox last year and driven it to work a few times. The cuts are only on the rears. I seriously doubt I would back up over something at least 7 feet long and sharp at a perfect perpendicular to the direction of the car... I suspect someone was sore about some cones I hit or someone at work does not like me. I doubt it happened at home. Someone in my town would have made damage obvious. This looks too passive aggressive.. thoughts?

First tire

Other tire
hmmm definitely interesting, not sure what to say. Hopefully not from someone who was butt hurt about having a sweet car.
I think I must have backed up over something, too. it's just odd that the damage seems to decrease in depth on the inside edges and if it was something in the road I would expect two edges since it would have to have another side on the ground to stand up like the damage seems to indicate....i would think I would have noticed it while walking out to the car... I could see someone doing this if they didn't want it noticed, but I am pretty sure no one hates me. At least those I know. I do work in Billerica... I need to switch back to the stockers for an inspection sticker anyways so I will see what happens and keep an eye out for 6ft+ sharp things and buy a trail camera...
I have the same type of cut on my right rear track tire which I picked up at VIR. Don't remember running over anything sharp, but since this tire only goes on the car at the track, I'm sure it wasn't vandalism. Guess sometimes we may run over stuff and not be aware of it.
I am thinking it had to be a piece of trim of an old car when they were still metal, but I would think I would have two cuts. If you have a single cut on a track tire then I guess my reasoning is wrong. It will drive me crazy not knowing what it was.
GTMikey said:
too perfect of a shape to be hand made, you ran over something or someone holding a man made object:)

Now that I think about it, I do remember a lot of flashing blue lights and a guy throw something at my car the other week. I don't know what it was all about, I just kept gunning it.

Disclaimer: Internet police: If you are reading this, it is a joke. You have better things to be doing.
Can't really tell, but it might be from where the tread is "wrapped" around the carcass, it's usually more apparent in slicks. If so, it's nothing to worry about.

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