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Bill Pemberton

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Blair, Nebraska
Way cool you got some Instruction help from Mark Daddio, he is a Solo Guru and you need to become SpongeGreg Solopants whenever you are at an event with him. Seat time is numero uno , but when you have a multiple National Champ nearby willing to give you advice soak up the knowledge. Hope you get to Lincoln, Ne. in the future for the Solo Nationals! You will find the cost isn't terrible, even with the drive, if you figure in the beer, food, camaraderie, invaluable advice and experience you will recieve ---- yes, it is Priceless!! Always fun to read " Your Adventures in Autocrossing " and may the " Forced Air Ford be with you!"

PS - we are spoiled in Nebraska, as our Solo Events are just like mini Nationals, with the normal course running 50-60 seconds.
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New Fairfield, CT
Proper weather is close (though not today) in the Northeast. In the garage for use late this year is a set of 19x11.5 square APEX wheels with 315/30R19 Falken RT660s for maximum rubber and excitement. Where other than here do men love using so much rubber(s)?

Now for the problem this rookie with more dollars than sense needs to tackle this season - brake judder. The Hawk HP+ pads and Baer Eradispeed rotors have been excellent for Autox (not that there aren't better choices in the words of experts) but on my few big track days, as I gained confidence and speed, serious and unnerving brake judder showed up by the second session. Is the only culprit my HP+ pads leaving deposits because they aren't meant for significant heat? Or has my ignorance and early thrashing also contributed to problems with the rotors themselves changing shape in the heat? Combo, something else?

I do have a set of G-LOC 12s to try this year on big track days instead of the HP+s. With some rotor honing, proper bedding and warmup might this fix the issue?

Thank you experts in advance

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