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Vintage project


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Must be feeling nostalgic....
It's been a while since I've played around with anything vintage and I think it may be time to knock the dust off a project car that has gone full circle between friends & family over the past 15+ years. It really deserves to be finished and I'm hoping to do just that - just not sure how long it will take.
1970 Mach I drag pack, 428 SCJ 4spd, "W" code (4:30 gears)
Originally medium gold metallic with black interior. Might have to do something about that gold color.
Assembly is relatively straight forward but getting paint put down will be the big hurdle & expense.
Might be time to learn how....

(similar car)



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What a great project! The 69/70 Mustangs remain my favorite and honestly that gold looks surprisingly good and era-correct. Good luck and keep updating this thread please!


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Gold is not a popular color, but its original. I have a 1969 Vette heading to paint late summer. Staying all original, Riverside Gold with a black top, hardtop and saddle leather interior.
When it comes to classics, and your 428 is definitely a classic, original is the way I go. The "Real Beauty" will come out when you crank up that classic motor.


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Lots to do....might be a while before you hear any FE big block music but I'll give you fair warning.:cool:
I'll revisit the gold color when it gets closer to would probably help to actually see it on a car and in person.
My 68 1/2 CJ was gold too. The gold interior it had didn't help it.
The black shaker, louvers and hood stripe on the 70 would tone it down a bit.
I like the 69 style just a little bit more than the 70. Especially the rear qtr scoops & tail light panel.
@Voodoo boss - Gorgeous red example!
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Have a good friend who is close by, and Nationally known for redoing big block Fords -- TMS is correct and all original will bring the big bucks and a repaint in a different color will likely lose you as much as the repaint itself costs.

Tons of red , blue , and green ones, and you may have a rare Midas Touch with that killer Mach!?


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Only 331 W codes built...I can't imagine there are too many left out there.
For what they cost to restore these days, might as well be painted gold.
I have the basic Marti report. I should spring for the deluxe and get the actual breakdown.
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I too favor the '69 body over the '70. I remember sitting next to a '70 Mach 1 back in the mid seventies and my '69 Boss just looked like it had a lower profile and it looked meaner. These days they both look great. Good luck with the restoration. I agree with all the other's who think keeping the original color would be the way to go.

Who lives in Oceanside? My other office is off of College and the 78.


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Quick update on the 70 "W" code....
After a couple covid related delays with getting the car moved from NC back to MA, prep work has been steady and its ready for paint.
First step was evicting the many spiders and their webs.
The car sat in primer for 8 years so the topside was sanded back down to bare metal in order to start fresh.
Laser straight and no hidden issues underneath as expected. (usually not the case)
The DP red oxide underneath looked great but was originally intended to only be a primer sealer followed quickly with the gray batch color.
I was informed it doesn't play well with other top coats if left alone for too long, so it had to be sanded and re-sprayed the "correct" gray.
I'm not a purist but figure its worth getting the foundation set up right. Any mods will be bolt on - Going for the Day 2 look.
Should see paint on the body between now and Tues of next week.
Might be getting ahead of myself but I started putting a list together with the engine guy.
Going with Holley Sniper EFI, PI alum intake, roller cam & lifters and FPA headers.
Carb, intake and exhaust are easy enough to swap out if a future owner wants it to appear 100% correct.

70 SCJ W code  - The story..jpg

70 SCJ W code  - underside.jpg

70 SCJ W code  - The story.jpg
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I love the 69 and 70 mustangs, it's hard to decide, I think I like the 4 eyed cars, but then it was the 70 that delivered the Trans am championship. Those 428CJs are another car that I've had my hands on, the Toploaders and the C6 autos were 428 specific as I recall. oh, and those "shaker" hoods were ….BOSS

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