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VIR Anti-Roll Bar Sugestions

I own a 2012 5.0 GT with Koni yellows, K springs, and a staggered wheel setup (255/35/18 front on 9.5 and 285/35/18 Pilot Supersports), and I'm not sure what anti-roll bar setup to go with. What is a good setup as far as anti-roll bars go for VIR?

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
I think you could go a notch or two stiffer and up to the equivalent of the Boss 25mm rear bar. You should be okay with your stock bars, but I'd expect the setup to push some with the staggered tire widths.
Well what's the standard setup..600 front 350 rear, ford blue bar up front, 18mm bar in rear, holesaw the shock towers to get all the camber you can get..peel 10 psi off the recommended hot pressures and start there.
At least you said it right, they are indeed "anti roll bars" now if I can get these guys to call control arms "trailing arms" ..I probably never will.....
With the tire sizes you listed, I would go with Grant’s recommendation of the 25mm Boss rear bar. Another option would be an adjustable rear bar that can be set as stiff as the Boss bar. See Grant’s spring and sway bar rate thread.

If you had a square tire setup, I would put a 35mm adjustable bar on the front and most likely run it in the full stiff setting.

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