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VIR (full course) - two great 3 day events coming up!!

If you have run the VIR full course you don't need me tell you what a BLAST it is. You also don't need me to tell you what a fantastic facility VIR is. Not too many race tracks have a hotel and gourmet restaurant ON SITE. There are several more opportunities this season to drive VIR (but always pick a FULL course event if at all possible). First let me put in a pitch for a great event coming Fri-Sat-Sun of Labor Day weekend. Since Monday is a day off for MOST folks it means you don't need to rush home to get to work after the event. It's run by PCA Potomac Region. I've been a member since 1983 and held several officer positions so I may be a bit biased. But they always get rave reviews from attendees. Plenty of track time and "enhanced" passing rules (pass ANYWHERE with a signal) for the advanced solo groups. (see link to PDF schedule with prices)
Best way to register is to email Sally the registrar:
[email protected]
Tell her Chuck with the Boss 302 sent you and she'll give you the VIP treatment, lol!

If you can't make that weekend the very following weekend THSCC is there for 3 days. Never been to one of their events but heard really good things about them and their events. The great thing about 3 day events is it makes it more worthwhile if you need to drive/tow a ways to get there. In any case, VIR is worth the drive!

If you have not run VIR full course here's the view from Porsche 944 Turbo. Hopefully after Labor Day I can update that with the view from Boss 302 with my new GPS telemetry added!

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