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Vorshlag braided brake lines - help / pics

Hey everyone,

I had some issues with my last brake lines (thread on that elsewhere), so I left the old ones and decided to spend a bit more and grab the vorshlag lines as I see / hear good things from them. After installing them, the bracket that attaches to the strut with the line / overall fit just seems off. There is no way to really screw up how these are installed (it would be impossible to install the left on the right due to the angle of the hard line running from the car). Does anyone else have these lines, if so, does it look like these pictures? We can make it work, but it certainly creates a lot of tension on the lines / poor angles for the lines. Just want to be certain we aren’t missing something. There are no instructions on these for any sort of guidance...

Additionally, the front left is leaking, more to come on that.

I also bought the brake duct kit, the backing plates don’t line up properly as I will need to drill one of the three mounting holes to make it fit (holes don’t line up). Has this happened to anyone else? Just curious as I’ll be drilling it out either way.



I installed the Vorshlag 3" backing plates about 2 years ago and I had to hog out one of the holes too. It was no big deal but it shouldn't have been that way.
Ok, that actually helps knowing I am not the only one. Agreed, no biggie! Any pics of how you ran the lines under the car? Did you use all of the hose? The hosing seems quite long (What was provided) compared to what is needed (from an initial look)
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Don't have pictures with me right now but I definitely had to cut the hoses. Just remember to move the wheels all the way back and forth while you're test fitting. The hoses will need to compress and expand.
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I feel like the fit on mine is off a little too, but unlike yours it seems like the strut attach point should be just slightly closer to the chassis end. I have a fairly large loop that can interfere with my brake duct when turned in. I also had issues with the inlet kit for 13-14 GT's These inlets are supposed to fit flush under the stock grill when modified, they even have a brief install video on their site, but I'm perplexed as to how this can be accomplished with the hex head bolts they provide. No instructions/directions included, after countersinking the mounting plates and installing flush head screws, they fit a little better. And yes... I also had to elongate some attach holes in the brake backing plates to fit them too.

Overall quality seems nice but for the money I'm a bit disappointed at the 'engineering' on all of these products.

Oh, with the ducts; I cut the provided length in half and with a little bit of working the excess toward the front they ended up fitting nicely without further trimming.



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