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Vorshlag MCS Rear Coliovers Hitting Endlink

Hey guys, curious if anyone has installed Vorshlag MCS coilovers with an OEM rear bar without interference.

Its a tight fit spacing the coilover between the axle and sway bar endlink, and with an OEM bar and OEM endlink I'm getting some pretty bad interference between full droop and ride height. I tried one of my Whiteline endlink ends from my front bar back there (the endlink head is smaller than OEM) and it looks like it will work, but if anyone can confirm one way or the other a setup that works it would be much appreciated.

I called Vorshlag and they've only run these coilovers with a whiteline bar on medium and full stiff so weren't sure about a confiuguration with a stock bar that would work.

I may find I want to step up to a bigger bar but for now want to try with my OEM bar and want to have a setup that could use it if desired/needed.

Thanks in advance.
I run stock bar and vorschlag mcs coils and steeda adjustable spherical end links without contact. I have an extra set of new in the box steeda end links if you need. I
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I realize this thread has been stagnant for a few months now, but adding my experience in case it helps the next person.

I ran into the same issue when installing aFe coilovers on my 20 GT-PP. I posted about it on M6G but no one replied, so it had me thinking that maybe they changed some specs on the 18+ PP rear sway bar. I had to install a Steeda bar out back to clear the springs, and it was at least 3/4” shorter at the connection point than the stock bar.

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