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S550 Want to swap seats me decide on options

How do people like stock Recaros with harness for performance driving?

Looking to replace my stock base seats (2016). Last fixed back setup I had wasn't the most comfortable and obviously lost my reclining feature (still drive the car on the street.

Primary use is autocross with very occasional track days and occasional street use 1-2 days per week. Currently I have stock cloth seats and schroth DOT harness.

Choices are:
1. Trade stock seats and cash for OEM Recaros (Pro: OEM, safety, plug/play; Con? relatively heavy)
2. Aftermarket reclining seat (Corbeau/sparco/Braum) with mods to keep safety feature of airbags (resistors?) (Pro: lighter than stock; Con: not OEM quality, not plug/play)
3. Suck it up and drive to events with fixed back seat (may be up to 3 hours or more, though) (pro: lightest option, most support; Con: not comfortable for big guys)

I'm a "not so small", muscular dude so I worry about some of the aftermarket reclining seats
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Seems like a harness bar is the better option with a ~$400 to $500 corbeau seat vs a $1k seat just to use a schroth...
I agree. I have been weighing the same costs. But you could use your stock seats and quick fit. See if you’ll hold better before changing the seat


Spending my pension on car parts and track fees.
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The serious limitation to a harness bar rollover protection. If you end up on your roof while in a harness, you may be crushed by roof. The OEM three point allows you to move avoiding the crushing for, in theory. A harness without a roll bar may keep you firmly in place, unfortunately. If possible, consider a 4 point bar along with a 5-6 point harness to go along with your seats.
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For a comfortable, but unfortunately pricey option, the Recaro Sportster CS seat. Takes a harness, has an airbag and heating option if you are in a cold area. Check my build post for the full run down on the seats, half cage and harness. They need a 4 point as no centre hole. Food for thought if not going all out track spec.


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