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warranty repair today

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Weirdness - My daughter closed the passenger door and the side mirror popped out of the socket on Wed. !! WTF

FF to the dealershit - at 1st was quoting me 120 for the mirror and 1 hr labor - my expert level whining skills came into play
and after a dozen or so digital photos sent up the Ford chain - 0 cost :) service manager is cool dude so ill bring the guys
a dozen Krispy Kremes today.

Then I took her for a night spin to get gas last night and a car full of kids were like awesome car holy crap etc etc does that have the Hemi ?
I was like ::) yea the version 2 that Ford came out with hehehe

someone stop the psyco bus so i can get off pls


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I had the same thing happen to my pass mirror. it was just starting to come loose (14 miles on the car then) they too had to take 200 pictures get permission from Ford etc etc. They fixed it under warranty.

I had a issue with my dimmer switch anywhere but full bright or full dim it would turn the dome lights on. Took me a while to find this out cause I didnt use the dimmer switch till a long road trip so you might want to check that out.
Arrived with a doz. O shaped goodness - they came out snapped the new mirror in - tipped my guy 10 bucs fer lunch
Went to sign and the service manager gave me a ticket for a free oil change 8)

love it when somethin goes right - now i have to decide dip in the pool + frozen funny lookin colored drinks or take off for the day n go crusin


CaliMR said:
I have been eyeballing the orange Challenger SRTs lately, but I don't think I would ever buy one even if I had no Boss.

I had one of those (blacked out too, looked nice) roll up next to me in traffic, but he got stuck in the slow lane....
I liked the new Challenger when it first came out, but it proved to be the heaviest & biggest of the three pony cars. The new Camaro is a threat to the Boss but it is supercharged & I prefer a NA motor,just my $.02.
I like the Challenger as well slick lookin muscle car but I sat in one and didnt like the way it felt - wish i could take one for a spin

On another note - I was taking my daughter's boyfriend home last night in my Edge and was rear ended sitting at a red, by a drunk driver hit and run - kids are ok got em checked out at the hospital - my shoulder muscle to my neck is sore (wiplash?) i duuno but im ok too.

Bumper is crumpled, went more underneath me than anything. Caught the person a few towns away - a 54yo woman in a toyo camery - havnt been in a crash since i was in my early twenties - 43 now :)

Tell the story to my in-laws(all from Brooklyn) no are you ok, how are the kids it was just "get a lawyer tell the doc everything hurts get MRIs on the kids make $$$ etc
Only thing i care about is 1 the kids are ok 2 im ok 3 this biznitch gets her license taken away for EVER no plea no 2nd chance nothing - but alas 1&2 are primary

Ramble over :)
Sorry about your accident. There's never a good time for an accident.

I test drove a challenger about a year b4 the Boss was even announced and I didnt like it. It had power but handling was definitely like a pig. She felt very heavy. It was also hard to see out of. I do like the the look of it though.

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