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Ford recommends you change your oil and filter after your vehicle is subjected to track and/or competition conditions.
Additionally, perform multi-point inspection and the maintenance outlined in the 150,000 mile (240,000 km) normal maintenance schedule of the scheduled maintenance information after track use. Refer to the vehicle service manual for removal and installation procedures. Replace with Genuine Ford and Motorcraft

That service includes changing the trans fluid iirc, so they want you to change oil and trans fluid every event and diff every 12 hours.
Just picked up my dad's car at the dealer, it is a 5 series that is a couple months old. They repaired a curbed wheel without authorization or even notifying him about it and would not give back his car until he paid for it. It was there for AC repair, the day he bought it he brought it back because the AC didn't work. They looked up the vin and there was a note on the file stating the AC didn't work. He asked why they didn't fix it, they said they can't do warranty work until the car is purchased... so now it has been back 4 times. Besides the wheel, they had to idle the car for 3+ hours to test for leaks. They did not put any gas in the car before he picked it up, he didn't notice the light and it stalled about 2 blocks out of the dealer and we had to push it to a gas station. They also dirtied the interior and the windows were covered in hand prints. Apparently BMW service has not gotten any better since I sold mine.

At least it isn't his brakes, like Ford is trying to weasel out of fixing on my car ::)
So the other day, I was preparing the car for another car show and noticed my right taillight has some internal cracking beginning. What I mean by this is you can see on the bottom of the lens where seperation has occured but has not yet made it's way to the front facing portion of the taillight.

As I have stated earlier in the thread, my left taillight has several stress cracks which can easily be seen as an internal development rather than an external force creating the damage. I truly believe my taillights on the Boss are installed either too tight or possibly too low near the rear bumper.

I looked at a 2013 today and noticed their taillights actually have a decent gap between the bumper and the housing of the taillight. This spacing will will allow any flex or movement of the rear end and not cause damage to the plastic housing.

Please pay attention to your taillights and look closely to the bottom of the lens for any type of stress cracks. It appears (atleast with mine) it's sealed and butted right up to the bumper. I will attempt to return to the dealership I've had all my work done and show them my findings.

The ultimate goal is to have the dealership again take photos and explain to FORD the damage is NOT caused by someone or something bumping/hitting into the lens causing it to crack. I'm not holding my breath for FORD to do the right thing but willing to give them yet another try. Stay tuned.

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