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Washed boss with hot water in cold weather. Bad idea??

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I have a beautiful grabber blue boss that I took for a nice break in ride on Sunday. Unfortunately, it came home with a layer of dirt etc that made me realize I had to wash it prior to putting the cover back on.

I just bought a home and had a hot / cold garden hose valve installed. The temp was about 34 degrees and I had a choice between washing with ice cold water or hot water. Between me not wanting the water to freeze on car, my hands not wanting to freeze, and the mentality that hot water cleans better, I went with the hot water choice for both filling my suds bucket and rinsing the car. I was cautious near the glass windows.

After the fact, I am unsure if I made the prudent decision. I know car wash places in cold weather locations frequently use hot water for the car wash. Still, I don't know whether I have or could have done irreparable damage to car by shocking paint, etc.

So my question is....
Was hot water a bad idea?
Did I do damage.
Could I have done damage?
Or was this a good idea?

I would be less concerned if I used hot water when it was 70 degrees out, but being that it was almost freezing temps, I don't know if the differences in temps could have shocked the paint.
Regardless, is it better to use cold water or hot?
I've never had a home with hot water so this fork in the road has never come up.
I love my car and only want the best for it.
Any advice would be appreciated and I'm happy to be part of the boss family!
Welcome to BMO. If your water was warm you're fine. Where you have to watch it is if the water is really hot and your windshield is cold. Any minor crack could turn into a big one quickly. Have fun with your Boss and post up photos in the photo thread.
I agree, you should be fine as long as the water was not super hot. Did you consider using a detailer to clean the dust? Also, you might wish to consider something like ONR for "washing" in the winter time when washing outside is difficult.


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
I have done the warm water wash in my driveway in the winter when the hoses are put away. As long is the temps aren't at 'insta-freeze' you can safely wash in warm water. I will then have a cooler or 2 (Coleman cooler with built in handle and lid, holds about 3 gallons) with warm water for rinsing. Use a 7-11 big gulp 24-32oz plastic cup to get the soap off before it freezes. Not meant to be show car detail quality, but gets the job done in your driveway when you can't or don't want to use a touch-less car wash. I don't drive my Boss in the winter (like that nutjob Jeff does), so I haven't had to worry about this lately. ;D

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