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Water issue, got under the paint

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I was staggered to find a problem today which i think any of you may have.

In the engine bay, under the noise induction tube, where the join is, look down to the paint. Theres a hole about 2 inches or so across, all the paint on my car was blistered, i put a cloth down there and all the paint came off!

Looks like the water is coming in from the drivers side air intakes on the hood and dripping down to this point where its supposed to go out through that hole but it doesn't it just sits there, i dont thing ive driven my car in the rain yet so this is just from washing.

Everybody should check this weekend


Too Hot for the Boss!
Back corner, up against the firewall? Like under the brake fluid reservoir? If so, most likely brake fluid ate the paint (did on mine). Water really wouldn't do that.
Yes, this is a known problem that has been discussed here and elsewhere (other Boss fourms) regularly. What I've read is that some brake fluid reservoirs came over-filled from the factory and many people have taken a bit out after taking delivery of their Boss. I have not had the problem with mine but keep an eye on it.
Yep, just had mine repaired 2 weeks ago under warranty for the same problem. Brake fluid overfilled/spilled at the factory. Take it in and make them fix it.

Yup. Brake Fluid. I've hesitated to let the dealer "fix" the paint damage as they may make things worse. I might just touch it up and call it a day.
Same story here! I went nuts when i realized it was the paint chipping off. My guess is whoever is filling the reservoirs at the factory is dripping a few drops on the paint.

Take it to your dealer, they will fix it under warranty. according to my dealer's body shop, this fix doesn't require an approval from ford before they start, meaning they don't have to take pictures and send it in to ford for approval.

Also, make sure they sand and prep that area well. I had to take the car in a second time, because same area bubbled up again. Now its good as new.

here are a couple of pics i had taken, to give an idea of what to look for.



keep us posted on your progress!
Unfortunately i dont have the luxury of taking it back to a dealer as i exported it to England but ill get it sorted, just hope the paint shop can do a good mix
So the BOSS is in today for this repair. It is under warrante, but they say Ford doesn't have any known issues with the filler caps? They ordered me a new one anyway, but I know Im not the first one with this problem.
Guys, not sure it this is the case here, but if you track your car I suggest you install a brake reservoir sock. Under high G's and heavy braking the fluid is splashed on the back of reservoir cap and forced out by the heat expansion within the reservoir. A reservoir sock is an old road racing trick that is still used today.

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