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Waterless Washing Systems

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Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
While looking at the Chemical Guys products and then also the Adams Detail spray, I saw the waterless wash system on the Adams page. I would say that 2 out of every 3 times this past year I mainly washed because of pollen and dust that really didn't require full soap wash. I mainly break out the hose because of the silly amount of brake dust generated by the Brembo pads on the wheels. I was going to find the best spray on hose off solution for the wheels, but that's another topic.

A good waterless system could cut my wash/dry/detail time in half. A consideration for me as I also take care of my wife's GT and black to boot. At least she doesn't have Brembos!

What are the better WWS options out there? And what techniques do you recommend?
I've used Optimum No Rinse on my Jeep:
A lot of guys use this a clay bar lube and/or quick detailer too. It's slippery enough I may try it as clay lubricant. I dont mind using it on my DD but I wont be using it on my Boss. No matter how good of a product it may be, you will still get scratches since you are touching the paint. If you are going to use it, just make sure to have a high quality microfiber towel and to use a clean side as soon as you see any dirt.
Try griots garage waterless wash and its microfibers. Advanced auto sells griots garage products and you get a good deal usually with coupon.

With wasterless washes you must make sure to always have plenty of clean microfibers with deep pile. YOu wanty to change them out often. Also you want to make sure dirty surfaces are well covered with the product your using so it lifts the dirt off.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
this is what I use.
works great. and you can go back over it with your choice of detail spray to enhance the gloss. I use Z6 or Z8 I have about a gallon of the old adams formula to use up. I like the Zaino over the adams for detail spray. I have also heard that chemical guys detail spray is the same as the adams just cheaper.
I just bought the Griot's waterless kit. Works great on the black Shelby, should be fine on sby Boss. I did buy 2 rolls of their detailing tape to protect the stripes' edges from wax too.

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