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Watson Racing BMO Private Shop Tour

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Patrick Lee from Watson Racing has offered a tour of their shop a bit later this Fall when the 2014 Boss 302S goes into production. Some of you have already been there and this is an open invitation to all BMO members for a private tour. The date and time are TBD but what we need now is someone to take the lead on organizing this. Watson Racing is in Michigan and I live in California and won't be in town for this event. If you're local and can commit to taking the lead please post up or send me a PM and I'll put you in touch with Patrick. From there you'll be in charge of organizing the tour.

Any volunteers?

Im in for this. I can help organize, but what will it entail other than just getting there at the specified time?
I'm local also, & can lend a hand if needed. I did the Cobra Jet tour with the Mustang Alley group. Cool place. They didn't allow pix, but they had photographer & posted the pix to their website. You could copy them from there. At the time it was limited to 100 cars, had to be in a Mustang, could bring friends but they must arrive in your car. The owner has a nice collection of cars there also.

I would be interested in a shop tour. Also, I was wondering if anyone wanted a roll bar, especially at the discounted price, could it be picked up at the shop during the tour to avoid the shipping costs?

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