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Welcome OpenTrack to TMO


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I noticed @OpenTrack hasn't posted an intro thread yet, so I figured I'd post one for them now that they are a Supporting Vendor on the site - if any TMO members are in need of open track day/HPDE event insurance to protect themselves and their investment, get in touch with them and ask questions. It will be great to see some more discussions about this service here in the forum to get more info out there about it.

Bill Pemberton

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Thanks for posting as I had noticed they were a new sponsor , but have to admit I did not check it out. I think many folks who are starting to do track events or those who have some concern if their Insurance will cover them even if they are doing an Instructional Track Class ( many main stream Insurance companies have dropped this over the past decade ) will now have a source to go to and check. Good choice Luda and it can be difficult for individuals who are concerned and want to purchase track insurance to often find it. Appreciate making it nice and easy and many will look forward to their first post, intro, concerning policies they offer!

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