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What are the requirements to participate in an open track event?

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Mid Ohio says I have to sign up for their 3 day course to get open lap time. Completing the Track Attack program allows only "limited speed lead follow sessions". Is this standard procedure? What do others on the site do to get open track time?
If Mid-Ohio is running the event you have to play by their rules. If it is another organization using whatever track, you go by the requirements of whoever is running the event.
Welcome to BMO. I'm sure there are many events at Mid Ohio and each group will have their own requirements. You have to start somewhere. One thing you mentioned is "open track time". That means the track is open and you just go out with other cars throughout the day. That's a lot different than a HPDE event where it is very controlled and you're driving with people with similar experience to yours. Whatever you do get out there and have some fun.
Thanks for the replies. I looked into it a little deeper. In order to run on open lapping days (on your own) one must take their 3-day course. Cost is $2370 with their car, or $1900 with your own. I understand any track wanting to ensure safety but my question then is does one have to spend that kind of money for every track one might want to go to or do tracks recognize certificates from other places and give you a break? How did the guys on this forum that run at multiple tracks get certified?

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