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What did you do to your Boss 302 or S197 today?

After 8.5 years of ownership, I sold my 2013 Boss LS to a good friend of mine who flew in to pick it up and drive it home to Houston. I had a lot of blood, sweat, and tears in that car but it was time to move on and I am happy to sell it to someone else who is a car fanatic like myself (he has an Alfa Giulia QF, a Ruf 996 Turbo, a stock 993, a 750hp Evo, and some other cool stuff). Plus, I will get to see/drive it whenever I visit him so it's a win-win.

But I am still in the Mustang game with my 2020 GT350R. Have had it for just over a year now and, honestly, it ruined me for the Boss 302! It's just so much sharper and more precise. I may install 4.09s at some point just to get rid of the stupidly tall gearing.


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Saturday was tire rotation, oil change and loosen up the suspension a bit. Street Machine Nationals were at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, cruised up for a run and parked for the show of cars running up and down Snelling Ave. Show drew maybe 1/2 the usual crowd.
Ran autocross on Sunday, hot, for Minnesota, got in six runs, killed a few more cones, seemed to have a little more grip with softer settings on front struts and rear shocks, also softest rear bar setting. Not sure where I finished but stayed with in a second of my friends supercharged S550 convertible so that's not to bad. Biggest field of CAM-C cars this year 6-8 of us.


dug the BOSS out and headed to cars & coffee.. they moved to a new location in May and I think it has not gone well... less than 10 cars when I drove thru right at 8:00am.. didn't bother stopping.. headed to where it used to be.. about 60 cars.. nothing official.. just cars guys & gals in the old parking lot where it used be.. sad really...
Tested the ABS, it works as planed, Turn it off with the reset switch and it make lots and lots of pretty white smoke. I was going to hide the RCM under the dash. However if I had to work on it it would be a PITA so I put back in the stock location. It's not as clean but functional.

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