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What is my next suspension mod??

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I just put on a set of BMR rear lower control arms, and adjustable upper. The rear feels a lot tighter now and wheel hop seems to be gone.

Now the front seems just a little sloppy.

I looked at the Whiteline Anti-Dive bushings and Prothane front lower control arm bushing. I do my own labor but, after parts and my time isn't it just more cost effective too do a tubular lower??

When looking at tubular lowers, some vendors are offering taller ball joints to correct roll center. I have the Ford "P" springs. Do I need to worry about my roll center seeing as how the front really wasn't lowered that much if at all??

Let's say I am not going to mess with front ball joints or roll center but deal with rear roll center. Without doing the front, will moving the rear roll center make for funky handling?? I'm just thinking of maybe the Kenny Brown Relocation kit. For what I do a Watts link is not worth an extra $400.

Tulsa, OK
Do you have relocation brackets for the LCAs?

As for the front, I would look into a set of CC plates to get some negative camber dialed in. This will help turn-in tremendously.

Others will have to chime in about tubular lowers and ball joints... I'm pretty clueless
2012Boss302 said:
Come on, no one??? Where is NSFBoss and the other road race guys??
He's on vacation! LOL I just follow Gary Pete and Scott on whatever they do. Also check the two sticky suspension threads. I'm still on the fence between the KB kit and the Cortex street version Watts link. Regardless I'm not touching my front control arms.


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