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What kind of battery are you all running?

Not much to add here as I'm still on the stock Bosch that came with the car in 2016. Pretty damn impressive. Would love to lose some weight but maybe this battery can go 10yrs lets see!
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I've used the odyssey pc925 in a couple of cars now with larger electrical drains. Its a decent compromise, about 25lbs, with almost normal battery crank and reserve power. Much less finicky than lithium , and can take deep discharges and come back with a recharge. Current one in the autox car is at about 5yrs old.

Edit - these are very popular with the sxs crowd, so lots of nice mounts are available for them.

Hmm, I might give this one a try. Weight AND cost are my main goals, at about 25lbs with long life that's reasonable. I assume you're on a trickle charger when now in use for days/weeks?
Any of you running this, reliable, longevity on track?

I’ve been running mine for 3 years now. No issues. But track only car. Now that I don’t have a car to put it in, I use it to power the macerator I use to empty my trailer tanks at the house 😂

It'll go back to race car use before end of '23 hopefully.
I was using an Antigravity YTX12-24 in a Morris Engineering amount. The whole set up weighs about 5 lbs but I went back to the factory tray and a Napa battery. The Antigravity batteries are pretty expensive and I was replacing them every 12-18 months. The lithium cells would start swelling. I believe the charging system in the Mustang is not friendly to the lithium batteries. I believe it charges too fast or too much. I am not racing and weight isn't that big of an issue. I liked the compare size since I was able to work on that side of the engine bay without having to remove the battery and tray.
That generation does appear to have issues with the mustang charging system. The ATX batteries have more protections built in and play better with Ford's battery charging system. No issues from anyone using the ATX-20/30 from anyone I've seen
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I have two XS batteries in my truck and like them so far. We get plenty far away from pavement by ourselves sometimes. I had Sears Diehard AGM batteries that were 11 years old prior, but alas, they are no longer available. Since I am getting older now when the Mustang needs a batterie I call AAA and they come out and install a new one with warranty, check the charging system, and take the dead one with them. Works well for the wife's car also.


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5 miles from Mosport

Just saw this one over at Crutchfield. Thought it might be of interest.
Deep cycle batteries are not the best for starting batteries. They're meant more for stuff like RV lighting, electric trolling motors, etc. Stuff where there's a relatively low draw over a long period of time.
They usually don't give as much current for starting as a starting battery does.


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11 years and counting on the original battery, probably will replace this year with an AGM battery. I have lithium batteries in my RV but not sold on them for the Mustang.
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Hmm, I might give this one a try. Weight AND cost are my main goals, at about 25lbs with long life that's reasonable. I assume you're on a trickle charger when now in use for days/weeks?
Funny , after I posted that I looked at it compared to my oem battery for the GT500. The lead acid stock size battery for the S550 weighs 26.5lbs and has more CCA and reserve power than the oddysey pc925. Never would have guessed it.

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