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What to do for a 2012 LS splitter replacement now?

The LS splitter is no longer available from Ford. Maybe that happened a while back.
I finally got serious about getting one this weekend. I was the third owner and the car didn't have it.
Would anyone have a pattern for making one?
I would really like to have one before I run the Big Bend Open Road Race again.
I have an extra stock original I could part with. Pm me if you still need one.

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ok I’ve been on the fence about this, hit me up in a PM and we can discuss more in detai. I’m going to make certain consumable parts. They will not be perfect but will fit the car.
These splitters are available for 2010-2012 Mustangs in both carbon fiber and fiberglass @ . It was designed with input from OEM aerodynamicist engineers. The sandwiched foam core construction results in a low, lightweight splitter while durable enough for competition use.

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