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What trailers are you guys using to tow your Boss 302?


drano38 said:
I've got an open trailer, and it works very well.
I fits in my garage for storage while not in use, so less paint and wiring aging.
One thing to check for is being able to open the car door once loaded on the trailer. A lot of fenders are too high. Some are removable--but steel ones are heavy. My trailer was custom made, and the fenders were welded on lower than normal, so the door clears them by a couple inches, but the fenders don't hit tires under load or suspension movement.
Also pay attention to axle ratings. You want them rated close to your load weight. If the trailer is rated for way more than your car's weight, the suspension will ride like a rock, and every minor road bump will jar the trailer/car. This is one case where bigger isn't better.
Here's my trailer.

How long is that trailer?
Here's my gas guzzler. 28' Haulmark. I'm curious about the Buffett comment because I've had more "little" annoying things break on this trailer than I would have ever expected. I bought it used and it was built in 2006. Overall it's been a really nice trailer but it is a windsail in terms of mileage.


cloud, that is a great looking trailer. i assume gwvr is right at 10k? I think 20ft is a bit too small for my needs and 28 seems a little big. 24' may do the trick.

How much payload capacity do you have...should be about 7,000 lbs right?
stunya said:
cloud, that is a great looking trailer. i assume gwvr is right at 10k? I think 20ft is a bit too small for my needs and 28 seems a little big. 24' may do the trick.

How much payload capacity do you have...should be about 7,000 lbs right?
Thanks. GVW is 10k, but the trailer weighs about 5k empty so payload is 5k. My car weighs 3500 and the scooter's 250, so I still have enough capacity for extra wheels/tires, spare parts, tools and the grill, lawn chairs and trackside picnic supplies :) I'm sure I'm right around that 10k GVW mark. My Ecoboost F-150 is tow rated to 11,300 lbs.
I just got a livin lite 26' VRV toy hauler. It has a full kitchen, two queen size fold out beds and full RV furniture. And of course it holds the boss. But you can also see it on it's the 8.5'x26'. All aluminum so I pull it with my 1/2 ton Toyota tundra.

If anyone has any questions about this let me know!



That is one sweet setup 8) Ballpark on cost? I'm sure it won't matter since the wife doesn't like to camp, but sure would be nice to just stay at the track rather than a hotel sometimes.
Thanks! It's very fun! And it doubles as a normal Camper for trips to the lake! It is right around $30-$32k. I bought it from D&H RV in Apex NC, they were awesome to work with and I know deliver up to 500 miles away, so if your interested let me know and I can hook you guys up together.

It has a full bathroom (toilet and shower), full kitchen (2 burner stove, sink, Frig., Microwave), AC and Furnace, TV/DVD player, Car Stereo with 4 speakers inside and 2 outside, full awning, I have a small dining room table and 4 chairs, love seat (folds out into a single bed), and recliner type chair as well that all fit/stack up in the kitchen area when the car is loaded up....then back the car out, roll out the carpet and put the furniture back in place and its a Camper! I stayed in it out at VIR in Jan in the 24 degree night and was cozy warm, although I don't think the furnace turned off all night!. The Queen size fold out bed mattresses are a little thin, but nothing that a $100 piece of 3" memory foam didn't solve!

It is ideally built for full size ATV's, Golf Carts, etc, but the payload capacity is 5100lbs so plenty of weight for the BOSS. It is 100% all Aluminum no wood or steel at all so it won't rust/rot and is pretty light so can be pulled by my 1/2 ton truck. I wouldn't pull it cross country but for 2-4hrs away trips, no problem. I figure the fully loaded weight is no more than 9,000 lbs, and the Tundra will tow 9,800lbs. The Tundra does drink some fuel though pulling it fully loaded!!! 7 MPG (thats right 7) for my trip to VIR from Raleigh (backroads with lots of hills). Almost as bad as the BOSS on the track!!! haha
kbush that thing is awesome. that might be the perfect way to tow and travel...thanks for posting the pics!
i have an Aluma 18' Dovetail with removeable fenders that i tow with my F250. It's super light compared to the all steel one i used to have. I bought the aluminum this time b/c i like to tow with my F150 Raptor from time to time as well.


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