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What's a good brake pedal feel like?

Hey all,

What's a good brake pedal feel like?

When I push on my pedal it travels for 2-3 inches, then offers firm resistance to the force I apply. Is that right? Or should it offer resistance sooner when being depressed?
Brake pedal feel depends on many variables, and usually a "good" pedal feel is based on preference and how the pads behave at certain pressure.

What you explained sounds like a decent pedal feel. if it's not to your liking you can start upgrading pads, brake hoses and possibly even shim the pads as they wear down to keep pedal feel consistency.
Good peddle feel is when your doing 130mph and slam it down and it doesn't go to the floor or fade and go to the floor. Like F.D. Sako said there are factors involved. 2-3" seems to correspond with what I'm getting. You could always check the fluid level and then bleed them for piece of mind. I personally like a little travel, keeps the passengers in place during panic stops, Happy NewYear everyone, hopefully better then the last one!!!!!
I'd like to hear more about shimming... how does adding shims behind the pads affect pedal feel?
Torsion said:
What's a good brake pedal feel like?
Go drive any Porsche to find out. ;) Our cars are a bit soft on the initial engagement unlike my wife's new Fusion which feels firm immediately.
Go drive any Porsche to find out. ;) Our cars are a bit soft on the initial engagement unlike my wife's new Fusion which feels firm immediately.


Indeed, my old Porsche 993 is my point of reference for firm, perfectly progressive brake modulation/feel (also, perfect steering feel/feedback). Nobody does brakes better than Porsche, IMO. The Boss, so far, has been somewhat disappointing in the braking department overall, especially compared to the 993.


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+1 on Porsche. My daughter's Boxster is a 2003 and the pedal is still solid as a rock. I think it has alot to do with the booster setup. I bet the $3500 Ford Racing Booster/Master Cylinder setup is very firm too. That is why the race ABS module has to be desensitized, it would be harder to modulate lock up if the ABS is too sensitive.


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The Stoptech setup I put on my last car had a fantastic feel....

I found the stock Brembo's on my GT TP soft, but when I put in Pagid pads from Pete in the rear, the overall pedal feel improved. When I swap to Pagid fronts too for track days, the pedal feel is very good. Leads me to believe the stock brake pads have some "squish" to them and just don't work that well compared with a high quality track ready pad.

I don't think I have more than ~1/2" travel before the brakes engage, and at 2" pedal depression with my Pagid RS56 rear pads and OEM Brembo front pads I'm getting close to ABS engagement. I think ABS would engage (at slower speeds) at around 2.5-3" travel on my car.

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