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What's up with the front sway bar bushings?

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Has anyone else found their front sway bar bushings fused to the bar? We put the P springs on with MM C/C plates and found that the front sway bar was extremely stiff. At first we tried putting some thin spacers in between the two halves of the bracket, but still no movement. We removed the bar assy and sure enough the bushings were fused or glued to the bar. What's up with that?
I found the same thing with mine. I installed the Ford Racing swaybar and I was planning to use the oem brackets since I found the Eibach/Ford Racing brackets are a failure point. I could not remove the bushing without distroying them. They appeared to be glued or something.
Interesting. I've noticed mine creaking as I exit my driveway. I wonder if mine are fused too. How did the rest of your install go?
Thanks for the input guys. We separated the bushings from the bar. I'll let you know if that turns out to be a problem. It does seem like it's limiting the ability of the bar to do it's job.

The install went great. I had help from some very knowledgeable and experienced Mustang guys. Of course it helped to have a lift and spring compressor to use! Even got to watch as a Fays2 Watts Link got installed on a GT500. I did notice I have a leak at the pinion seal that needs to be addressed.

Best part of the day was getting behind the wheel of a 2011 GT350 for a test drive as the owner drove my Boss!






No. I don't think he's want to take that step down! That car is incredible. It was only my second time driving a supercharged car, the first being parade laps at Spring Mtn in Tom's KR.

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