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Wheel discussion: How wide can we go?

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Sorry guys, couldnt find anything that details this in specifics and havnt had a chance to play around with wheel stuff on the boss too much yet.

What is the maximum we can go up front on stuck suspension and brake ducts without rubbing etc:
What offset wheel, wheel width and tire width?

Same question for the back.
I believe you can run up to a 315 in the rear, believe I read that from Vorshlag. Probably would want to run a +35 or lower up front to push the wheel out so that you can run a wider tire, maybe fit a 295 or 305 up front without rubbing. Also depends on how you ran the brake ducts, since you should be able to pull it far enough towards the engine to not hit it with the tire.
Terry Fair, proprietor of Vorshlag, has a running forum discussion going on this subject on the Vorshlag website, as it relates to his building an ultimate S197 Mustang auto-x monster. Believe he finally hit the wheel width wall at 12" w/ 335mm tires, and had to flare the front fenders beyond factory.
Terry from Vorshlag tried the 335s on 18x12 for one event I believe and then switched back to 315's on an 18x12. because of too much rubbing.

If you want some great info on maximum tire sizes and offsets for Mustangs, talk to Paul from Howie Industries. He's been paying attention to the Mustang community on the SVT forum, and has found specific offsets and sizes that are perfect for us. Not only does he carry some of the most premium wheel brands, but he also has the knowledge and patience to help you get exactly what you want, no matter if your spending 2k on a set of Forgestars or 8k on a set of ADVs.

Hrmm. 285 on a + 40 on the front. I may have to look into that.

On my Z i ran a 275 front and 325 rear with oem suspension specs and it never rubbed. I could have run a 295 front with better offset (i was the first to really push it on the 370z so experimenting).

trying to see options here as well. Let me find the Vorshlag threads if i can.
I'm running a my own design of Seven forged wheels 19x10 up front and a 19x11 in the rear. Nothing hitting or rubbing. You will need a pan hard bar or watts link to adjust the rear. I'm running 285 front and 305 rears.

The wheels are also true forged 1 piece Monoblock 21lbs front and 23lbs rear.

I could get a 315 back there and a 295 on the front easily.

They are right running a 11 in the rear the best you can do without modifying the fenders.

Here a few pics of my set up (Cortex suspension waiting to be installed)





those are nice wheels. I had similar concave ones on my 370z!

God to know on the setup. If you dont mind me asking what offsets are those or how much? If you could PM me that be great.
Love the wheels on the 370. Didn't know that they could fit 12s back there. I used to have a supercharged 350z loved that car. Anyways I sent you a PM.
Under the stock fenders we were able to run an 18x11 in front and an 18x12 in the rear with as much as a 315/35-18 tire. Usually we run a 315/30-18 Hoosier like in the photo below.


For a slightly more friendly street setup we now run 18x11 front and rear. In the photo below there is a 315/35-18 tire on the wheel and it fits under the fenders.



Having more fun than should be my Boss
I am presently running 18"x10" +35 rims front and rear. I have 305 /650 x18" Continental slicks mounted on all the rims. I did put a 5 mm spacer on the fronts as I had the lower strut holes ovaled out to get more negative camber. Before the spacers I was @ 1/8" or so away from rubbing the strut tube. I'm thinking with the proper offset....a 305 could be run up front with confidence. For the rear???? 305's are plenty wide for me :)!


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