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Discussion in 'GT350 and S550 Technical Forum' started by Wolvee, Sep 15, 2018.

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    I haven't concerned myself with wheel hop as I thought it's more of a drag racers problem than an Autocross problem but Last week at Mustang week I took my '16 to the drag strip. It did better than I expected it to but I'm not sure how much wheel hop I had.

    The video of the race only shows the other lane and at the very least his wheel hop seemed insane even though he's got more mods and tire than me. (He's a much more experienced Autcross guy and I'm pretty sure he could care less about drag racing.) Is wheel hop something to worry about with Autocrossing as well? If you have an '15+ how did you stop the wheel hop?

    Nitto 295/35/20 G2 Aired @ 20psi
    Steeda IRS alignment bushings
    Steeda BLACK Differential bushings
    Steeda Adjustable Shocks/Struts
    Steeda Progressive springs

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