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When will the madness end...?

Apparently not yet. :cool:
I like it a lot. Way better looking than the Camaro. I also liked the fact that they have T-tops.
Great numbers on the engine. Car has some torque #'s.
But with that being said. I did own many GM cars. The car I missed the most was my 72 formula 400. Had all the options. Bought it off a girl who was the first owner. Her husband was the manager for the service dept. for pontiac.
If I only knew then what I know now.

Thank You Fabman for sharing.

302 Hi Pro

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This automotive rebuilder makes a nice product with several engines & HP options. I too think they did a good job with their Firebird conversion body kit for the Camaro.

302 Hi Pro
I used to think Hp would limit what makes a car street legal.Obviously that's not a factor. I guess as long as you have headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals & a few other safety requirements you're good to go. Government mandates & insurance concerns slowed the madness in the first muscle age. This new era seems limitless as long as you got the money to buy into to it.

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Trackhawk should have been named the HellHawk , but couldn't convince my buddies at SRT it was a better name. Of course Jeep is now on it's own with this beast and it is essentially not under the SRT moniker ,which will be exclusively a Dodge badging.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
This is a pretty interest-focused group; I'd not expect things like 11ty million HP to be too exciting for most here--primarily because we know that such power is useless if you can't put it to the pavement :)
I saw them at the Auto Show and they honestly were better looking then the 5th gen ones IMO. The 5th gen looked like nothing more then tacked on stuff.

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