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Where are you all getting your Tiger racing hoods?

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Hey Folks,
Looking to buy a Tiger hood (I'm letting a ton of air through my grill now, but its time to let some of it out!). What retailer(s) did you buy it from? It looks like Rehagen and Chicane23 are the only retailers (and maybe you can call Tiger?). Looking for the best way to have it shipped through looks like $150 or more is the going shipping rate.

Do you have any comments about the hood (fiberglass, specifically) with regards to paint, fitment, or durability? Anything good or bad to say? From what I'm reading the only things to keep in mind are (1) allow the fiberglass to out-gas over a period of time before painting and (2) hood pins are necessary to keep it from flopping around. Sounds like maybe even 4 across the front are recommended?


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
I bought mine (fiberglass) used and unpainted from a forum member; but I would not hesitate to do business with Rehagen, I've met the guys and bought whatever I can off em--they'll treat you right.

Not sure about any factual issues with respect to outgassing, but it probably wouldn't hurt to drive it around bare in the sun for a couple days or a week before painting it.

Hood pins not necessary for the street but I'd do at least two for peace of mind on the track. I have two (plus the stock latch) and the car has been above 140mph many times without issue of flaking/cracking/etc.

Supposedly the fiberglass needs very little prep compared to the carbon version as far as paint readiness and end product painted quality. I don't think the shop that painted mine had to do anything to it, as they were able to keep the painting cost very low.

Overall the hood looks awesome and is functional for sure. It will save you 4-5 lbs in weight as well.
im also looking.
as far as pricing goes there all the same.
as far as shipping costs, thats a whole nother story.

chicane23 seems to have the better deal for me.


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