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Which CC plates to get?

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Track Addict
I'm looking at getting caster camber plates and I've limited choices to QA1, Maximum Motorsports and Steeda. Any experiences with them? What would you recommend and why? The car is a street car with a few track days a year - about 10 or less. Thanks in advance!
Maximum makes a quality piece, have them on my Dad's 86 and they do what they are supposed to. I have been mulling over doing the Vorshlag plates because they have the notches on them so I feel like it would be easier to do your own adjustments to really dial in a car. I think the Ground Control do the same. Didn't mean to give you more choices, if it was down to the three you mentioned I would do MM, not a huge Steeda fan.


I've got MMC. Recommended from 2 people who started with Steedas and replaced them with MMC, so I benefited from their experience.
I'm not familiar with QA1.
Several high-time track guys use Vorshlag and they are very good.
I'd recommend MMC or Vorshlag.


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I have the MM plates...they were easy to install...easy to adjust...I'm satisfied with them. If I could have stretched the budget a little more....the Vorshlag's look very appealing.


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Vorshlag is considered the best. If you plan on keeping the car then go for the best. MM are good Steeda same. Vorshlag tracks (races) a couple S-197 Mustangs. They only build something if they can improve it. They use it in their cars and prove it. That is why I paid a little more and went with the Vorshlag camber plates.

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