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Which color?

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I'm about to order a '13 LS. Can't decide between the yellow or the black. My past 4 vehicles have been one of these two colors. Black is classy and looks great clean. It doesn't yell at you as a around town driver. On the track (which I intend to do), yellow looks better. Its bold, its fast. Either would be great, but I have to pick one.

So what do I do?
I think black is only good for Limo's and Hearst's. Took a Limo to my wedding and I am sure someday I will get to ride in the other. If it is School Bus Yellow that would be my vote. I have always wanted a mustang with the yellow and black scheme.
I am going with Yellow .Black looks great in your garage,but as soon as you take it out it looks dirty or dusty.Black also shows every little chip ,which you know will happen if you track the car.I had a black race car some years ago and swore I would never own another black car
Just my 02


Yeah, I'm leaning back to Yellow. Black is reliable. It looks great sitting in your driveway all washed and sparkly. Also, it won't offend most girls. Yellow is a different story, but its bold and meant for the track. And that's why I'm getting this car.

Speaking of nicks and dings from the track. Has anyone tried (or recommend) a....cough cough.... bra for the nose to help reduce chipping? Or are those totally by gone these days.
SBY FTW! SBY isn't a bright scream in your face yellow so the women in your life should be fine...LOL.

I'm using a clear bra with good results. And welcome to BMO.
Clear bra, but if you are concerned about the looks do entire panels not just the very front. You can hardly tell it is there when you do it edge to edge. Or wrap the whole car, if you are doing black.


Done. Yellow it is. And I'm very partial to certain shades of yellow. I don't like lemony yellows.
I saw the '13 SBY boss at the auto show and they nailed the right hue/shade of yellow to keep it racey and mean.

The metallic yellow tri coat on the '13 Focus ST is killer though (not the same as blaze I think).


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
Well, as long as he's not driving a SHORT bus ;D (All in fun guys- Yellow's cool. Just not as cool as BLACK ;D )

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