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Which Tune / tuner for CAI?

I've been doing a bit of research online regarding to tuning options for the Boss with an aftermarket CAI.
Is it all that beneficial to upgrade the intake and tune, with no other mods planned?

Also, most of the searching I've done turns up GT 5.0 tunes and I'm not really finding a ton of info on the Boss specifically.

My plan was to get the Airaid, but I would want to get the most out of it, so a tune would be in order as would a removal of the air straightener.

Also, the few sites I have found that offer tunes aren't really that informative and that turns me off to the entire idea. I am used to companies like COBB that offer tons of information on various tune setups and details on drive ability etc...

Perhaps any personal experiences with just an intake and tune?


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I would go with getting the cai and tuner from American muscle then tunes from aed. Lund is another great remote tuner. Contact aed they may do a deal if you get the tuner and cai from them.

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I have done just intake and tune and it's well worth it. I had a steeda cai now have airaid I liked them both the steeda is larger aed likes the airaid but will tune either.

Other tunes I have tried don't compare to aed tunes:

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Grant 302

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If I had to choose one today it would probably be AED. VMP and Lund would also be on the list to contact.

I just wish there was an aftermarket tune with the level of deceleration from the TracKey tune.
AED tune by Shaun.

Airaid Parnelli Jones Carbon Fiber.

Ask Airaid rep about Prefilter and Cover. If you ever get caught in a bad rainstorm and the filter gets wet; you could possibly have a drivability issue. I did, went into limp mode until operating temp got back up to 100*. Car was parked and off, when a monsoon moved in and the strong winds got the rain through the heat extractors.

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