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Bill Pemberton

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Blair, Nebraska
Welcome, there are more an more folks who Autocross signing up here and that will simply help the strong library of tips, tires, turbos, trannies, tricks, etc. for traction on the tarmac around them little orange fellers. There are many of us here that do both, and I am a firm believer that Autocrossing first and then proceeded to road course events is beneficial to drivers in learning apexes, how close one needs to be to them in many cases, and understanding how to place a car in a very exact spot.There are plenty of solid road course warriors who have never autocrossed and are quite talented , but I just feel it helps with precision and it is a way to begin for many Mustang owners who don't quite feel they have the budget to do HPDEs, Time Trials , etc. Have fun running through the cones and keep us posted on your success and do consider checking out an HPDE when ready. As noted , there are plenty of us that do both, and any track time will get your butt in the seat , as practice is the best modification you can make for your car.

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