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Who's Ready For A Hybrid Mustang?

Mad Hatter

Gotta go Faster
Santiago, Chile
Well a new mustang with v8 rwd and two electric motores up front could be fun..... But would still take the GT350R....By a mile..... Congrats!!
I think the days of electric vehicles not being able to perform to the levels of internal combustion engine cars is just about over. (The VW that went up Pikes Peak, any Telsa at a stoplight, etc.) However, I am sure the visceral experience of a screaming V-8 with the smells of gas, oil and exhaust will be missing even if the electric car can lap all day long.

The hybrid powertrain has already been proven by F1 and cars like the Laferrari and 918. If done right, and if the weight can be kept to a minimum, a hybrid Mustang might be sweet!!
You can't teach an old dog new tricks.Just keep giving him that growling, Throaty, V8 Mustang and he'll be happy. I understand acceleration in electric cars is great, but I like my V8!........Maybe I could use the hybrid part for pulling in the garage..........


Spending my pension on car parts and track fees.
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Weight will be key. Regenerative brakes would be nice to have. Converting the energy to electricity instead of heat as a waste product is a win-win. Raising MPG numbers also a good thing.
As long as these steps help ensure we can keep performance automobiles alive in the USA. Oh Hell Yes.


Tramps like us, Baby we were born to run...
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Brighton, Colorado
There's room for both, just not in my garage though I know I should never say never. Maybe a second car since I can't afford the 350 like some other Kona Blue owner I know! I'm happy for you Tracy and even happier you'll be keeping Sweet Lorraine's Boss brother. Actually I could afford a GT350 but I couldn't afford all the things I'd want to do with it.

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