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Why do I need to 'blip' my throttle when downshifting?


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When slowing down before a corner, downshifting gears keeps the engine’s RPMs within the power band. This action has an impact on the entire powertrain (engine, clutch, transmission and differential). Powertrain components greatly benefit from spinning in synchronicity. If you shift to a lower gear without any throttle input, the engine’s RPM falls back towards idle speed. The engine then has to spin up to match the rotation of the transmission shaft, which is now rotating at a different speed due to the lower gear ratio. If not addressed, this results in a jolt, which impacts your drivetrain, as well as your cars performance (grip).
All of this can be avoided by a short press on the throttle (blip) as you downshift. This maneuver is widely known as a heel & toe. This blip helps the engine speed up to synchronize back again with the rest of the powertrain.
AUTO-BLiP automatically blips (opens) the throttle when downshifting gears on an automobile equipped with a manual transmission and an electronic accelerator pedal system. This allows the driver to focus 100% on braking while simultaneously downshifting gears. Purchase at and use promo code TMO23 during checkout to receive a 10% off

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