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Why does Canadian delivery take longer???

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Anyone have any insight as to the delays getting Bosses shipped to Canada?? Saw a poster sbybossman wait just over 30 days from build date to build date was Aug 17th, first eta was Aug 19, then Aug 29, as of today Sept 6...AAGGGHHHH!!!!
I am from the GTA and bought 2 BOSS' this year. #1 was delivered over 60 days after being built and #2 was just under 30 days. #1 was delayed with the early stripe and daytime driving light issues. Keep in mind that I think the only Fords built in Flat Rock now are the Mustang so they need to have enough of them coming to the area to fill a rail car before they even load them.

BTW...the wait makes the car so much sweeter!!
That makes sense.

I thought it was because they had to be shipped through China to get the oil put in the transmission and there was a bottle neck at the Canadian west coast ports. :D

13SBY said:
The car is already built!!! It is in the yard (area 51) and will be almost 3 weeks (which could change later) until ETA delivery.
That happens to US destinaton cars too.

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It happens in the US , just like Canada. You hear of guys who waited a very short time, and you have others that had the car sit in Area 51 for a month.

I can say that it could be a parts issue , or quality control, as Ford is very conscious of these beautiful machines. I even know of a Ford Engineer whose car sat in Area 51 for over a month ( it was right there with one our Dealership had in the same predicament ). They both left together, but he assured me the delay was not abnormal and our car came in immaculate!!

The other comment that they wait until a shipment can be sent to a certain area is only slightly true, as they come on the same trucks as other vehicles. Though some parts of the US sell fewer Fords than others, so there can be some impact , however small.

Hang in there, the wait is worth it, and you won't be sorry.
13SBY said:
The car is already built!!! It is in the yard (area 51) and will be almost 3 weeks (which could change later) until ETA delivery.

My understanding is that they are built like US cars then the fog lights and other bits are added later. I don't know if it happens at the yard or at one of the warehouses on the border for this particular car (we do the same thing in US for some cars from other countries, like a lot of Toyotas show up with no electronics and they are installed at the warf chop-shop). So that can either add to wait time or to transit time depending where it is done.

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