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will 2013 tail lights fit the 2012's?

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Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I have been wondering if the tail lights will be interchangeable between the two. I like the looks of the newer tail lights. anyone have some inside info on this?


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
oh that is a bummer. dont want a gap. and the expense of swapping bumper covers is to rich for me and I dont want to alter the boss that much.
It is not something I noticed at first on that car in person but taillights are not the first thing you look at in the garages. After it was pointed out it the gap really stood out.
I thing it might be a bit more complicated than just changing the rear facia. This is from Automobile Magazine's "First Drive" report on the 2013 'stang.

"Out back, the Mustang's popular three-block taillights now use LED center blocks surrounded by an LED ring. The outer rings serve as the taillights, while the inner blocks are used for the brake lights or sequential turn signals. The middle LED block switches to white when reverse is engaged, acting as a "hidden" backup light. Mustang chief engineer Dave Pericak says the new LED array is costlier to produce than the former incandescent setup (it uses 12 unique circuit boards), but was deemed necessary "to show that this is not the Mustang of yesterday."

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Damn and my first thought was the tail lights remind me of a camaro they just dont look that good my thought is the 2012 Boss they got right the 2013 I am not to sure I dont care for the front end either the hood looks good I bet they saved money when building them from the 2012

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