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Will be at Daytona

Bill Pemberton

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Blair, Nebraska
Always exciting to hear the Season is starting , even though it is months away for those of us in the Midwest. It is just an awakening and a renewal that fast times are on their way!

Good luck Tire Guru and post some pics for all of us in Snowland! You will be down racing and I will be wondering if we will have 2-3 inches additional accumulation around the same time.............but with you in spirit my TMO Tire Toting Friend !
I have been going off and on for the last 20 years but I've decided to wait on all future travel and public events until I don't need to wear a mask indoors anymore. I'd rather wait until we get back to some type of "normal" and I don't have to have that thing hanging around my chin everywhere I go.
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Central Florida
Coming over from Sanford for the Friday race- wondering what we will see without any infield campers -it will be a little strange- plus will the concessions be out as usual. really limited to what you can see - GS cars are in the old pits and so with no access won't be the same.
Def miss the paddock fans, they were great Ferris wheel is up, seems like the concessions are open, but no paddock access at all

I was supposed to be there this year, but had some conflicts come up. Was super bummed when I saw Billy J was going to be there as well. Maybe it is a good thing because I think walking in the paddock would be one of the best things.

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