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Windows Tinted and Restrictor Plates Removed

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I took my car to have the windows tinted on Saturday. I know the owner so I asked if he could put on the Boss 302 graphic on the rear deck and also remove the restrictor plates. He said no problem and called me a couple hours later when the job was completed. As soon as I walked in he told me he could not believe how good the car sounded with the plates removed and was shocked when he started it. After I paid he called over six people from another shop and also people in the waiting area to come hear the car when I started it. I cranked that baby up and it sounded unbelievable. I did not expect the sound to be that loud and sound so good. They watched me drive away so of course I had to lay into it and man was it loud. All I can say is this is freaking "awesome. The window tint and graphic came out good as well.


Really sweet! I have to check the baffle plates on mine. Only had the car 3 days. But the sound already is amazing.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
knappj69 said:
Justin said:
knappj69 said:
Justin said:
Great story :)
now lets see some pics of that tint :)

I will post some tonight. Going to the Six Flags waterpark to escape some of this heat in Maryland so can't take pics till later.
sounds good. if you need help on how to post the pics let me know

I have posted pics before so I am good to go.

oh ok sorry just threw it out there just in case

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