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Winter Mods 2014/2015

Looking good. You should check out the big brakes just listed for sale. I believe they might be relatively close to you if you're still in NY.
Thanks Rick. I saw that. My wife would kill me. Lol but it is tempting

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Having issues...
The Kooks shorties do not fit with the Maximum Motorsport K member
The steering shaft touches a tube on the driver side short header...
Add to that engine movement and this is a very unsafe situation.
Tried to lower the engine (because it gets me the shaft "sort of in the hole" + give me clearance for the CJ intake vs the strut bar) by bolting the mounts from below but then run into clearance between oil pan and steering rack...







Maximum Motorsport K member / Poly arms bushings / engine poly busing & gearbox poly insert / Kooks shorties / Ford Racing steering rack

302 Hi Pro

Boss 302 - Racing Legend to Modern Muscle Car
Hi Patrick:

Nice, very nice and an excellent choice in premium mods for your 2012 Boss 302 LS. I look forward to reading about your testing and tuning comments of your new set up.

What was the fix for the steering shaft to Kooks header interference you posted about above?

Glad your got everything installed, and good luck with your new set up.

302 Hi Pro
Thank you for all comments :)
The fix was to alter the engine height vs the steering rack. I lowered the engine about half an inch.
I added poly engine mounts to minimize engine movement because I lost some clearance between the steering rack vs. the FRPP oil pan.
I should track test it Friday but for the time being it looks like rain...Uhhh
I will street test it and data log it probably tomorrow (I finished the exhaust yesterday night).

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