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Winter Mods II

cloud9 said:
Here's my baseline:

And here's with the LTs and H-pipe.........

Gary - I was reviewing your dyno charts and impressed with the results. I am fairly new at reading these so tell me if I am mis-reading something. It appears like you obtained about a 5% increase in torque, and more importantly are able to achieve that higher level at 3,500 rpms, versus 4,500 previously. Plus the torque does not drop off as much past 5,500. In addition to that the hp went up by more than 20%! It is amazing this mod can get that kind of increase! Once again you just cost me more money with one more mod added to my list.
The way the two graphs are scaled along the X axis makes them look more dramatic than actually different. The HP increase of around 40 hp is about a 10% increase. That said, I'm very happy with the results. I am attaching an overlay he did with a 2013 GHIG Boss that was in his shop a few weeks prior. It's a pretty strong one for a stock Boss but it's scaled the same as my second chart so it's a little easier to analyze the differences.

Something that stood out to me was the torque curve at the lower end. My butt dyno told me I had lost some low end torque. The dyno shows the exact opposite, that in fact I picked up a great deal starting at about 3k. The tuner told me it was because the top end improved so much, it just felt like I lost some at the low end lol.

Adding the overlay chart helps immensely. Still very nice results, and again obtaining that higher torque sooner is huge, given you a bigger range with the higher torque. Reading this also makes me realize that I should be shifting slightly earlier and doing a better job of using the high curve area of the torque.

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