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Winter Mods III

well the weak link on these cars are the MT-82 and cluth.
HUM ???....wonder what it could be. I think all the BMO members all deserve a hint.


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Guess all you like! Still not telling!

Koni's are in!
Tomorrow I will pull the exhaust and hopefully get the trans out.

I adjusted my parts list. Borla OAP's are back ordered, so I ordered the lethal pipes instead.


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F.D. Sako said:
is it... a combined splitter/oil cooler/tow hook bracket??!!
If not, please consider it ::)
i already have the splitter mounts on the bracket. wouldn't be too hard to add an oil cooler mount. i don't see that as a big "problem solver" product, though.
I'm using the Roush vent pod like many others. It works fine and I've had it in my car for over two years now.

Hmm, I'll give this a shot. It's more discrete and less intrusive than anything else I've seen
Got the car back after alignment after installing MCS TT1 from Vorshlag + some other stuff a few days ago.

Camber Left/Right : 3.5/3.3
Caster Left/Right : 7.9/7.1
Tow Left/Right : 0/0
Corner Weight Cross : 50%
Left/Right : 51.4%/48.6%
Front/Rear : 54.9%/45.1%
Total with driver (190lb) and 3/4 tank : 3846lb
Ride height Front Left/Right : 4.375/4.375
Ride height Rear Left/Right : 4.937/4.875

Thanks to [email protected] Motorsport in Indianapolis for the alignment.
Will be testing everything next Saturday at Putnam Park if it's not f***ing snowing.


PS : I still have to take a few picture of the front struts.

EDIT added pictures

neema said:
Nice. Did your rear spring perches come with the MCS coilovers? Or is that a separate line item you can get from Vorshlag?

Those are our ride height adjusters that we package with the MCS suspension. We are changing manufacturers and will offer them separately when the new batch come in.

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