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Winter mods

PeteInCT said:
That and the fact that they'd laugh you off the track ;D

As a goof, someone should make easily removable window/body stickers (no adhesive residue) of 'ricer' themes that US Musclecar's could put on from time to time to just harasss those boys. Some ideas:

  • "Type RK" (rice killer)
  • Call me when your EVO evolves...
  • Does WRX stand for "When Ricers Explode"?

I'm just in an evil mood today... ::)
LMAO Where's Bob White when you need him? ;D
2012YellowBoss said:
cloud9 said:
2012YellowBoss said:
LPI now has the metric eye bolts for the shoulder harnesses !
That's a good option for the stock seats. Let me know how they work out with your 6 point as I might order a set for my passenger seat. I have an extra 6 point harness, but wasn't planning on putting the eyebolts in the floor for sub-belts since there's no pass through on that seat. I would like to have the option of using it with the stock seat for the occasional passenger though.

The eye bolts arrived, I was expecting a call from LPI Racing to pay for them but they just sent them no charge. LPI is one of the best places I have had the pleasure to deal with, not because of a couple of "free" eye bolts but they hunted these down overseas for me and the others that could not find them locally.

I have test fitted the bolts to the inside of the seat but did not reinstall the seats yet. From what I can tell they look OK. The bolts going into the rockers would not alow the stock belts freedom to swing. I looked for a sleeve to fit over the eye-bolts but not find anything. Looking around the garage I found that a 1/4 inch 10MM socket would fit over the bolt and inside the seatbelt hole. I cut one up and used them as sleeves and they worked great on the rocker side, allowing the seatbelt to move front and back.

Let us know if there is an update. These go where the stock belts attach at the bottom right? Need to figure out mounts since I'm ordering the harness bar
I did attach the inside eye-bolts and they work fine. Finding the proper adjustment took a little while with the crotch strap but I will not need to re-adjust that. When using the inside seat belt mounting point it changes the adjustment when the seat moves, I always run with the seat in the same position on track so not a big deal for the drivers side. The one for the passenger seat will be more tricky since different size people may use it and at different seat position. I left that one with slack, they do not need to be real tight to work properly. The lap belt are no problem since you just pull them tight.

Using the eye-bolts at the factory mounting point gives me more piece of mind since the belt have freedom of movement at the attachment points. The setup worked when I used the rear seat bolts but I was afraid the belts would get damaged over time not having freedom to swivel around. Kendall has some mounting brackets that attach to the rear seat bolts that would allow for this and they look like a great alternative.
My track car has a 6 pt in both seats, the passenger seat is a modified OEM seat so it still slides. What I did for the subs is I set it up so a fat guy (me) can fit if the seat is all the way back. Someone skinny can just slide the seat forward until they are tight. Works well with everyone I have had in there so far.

I'm probably going to order the cooltech mounts that attach to the seat rail bolt, does anyone have them? I need to be able to roll the seat all the way back, it doesn't look like there will be interference but can anyone confirm that? My garage is really narrow, so I can only crack the door open, and I have to slide the seat back to get out or I got caught up on the bolster and wheel.
The seats, driver and passenger, will go all the way back with Cooltech mounts. They are expensive mounts, but just like his roll bar, they look like the factory installed them.


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
Maybe we should start a thread that includes all the Boss parts that we are NOT going to upgrade ;-)
PeteInCT said:
Maybe we should start a thread that includes all the Boss parts that we are NOT going to upgrade ;-)

How bout a picture thread of bedrooms full of take-off parts ::)

Gary, just two seasons hot and not so hot, oh and more rain. It's not just because of the old retired folks that nothing innovative comes out of FL, unlike places with seasonal changes ;D
I received my CJ grille yesterday but didn't install it as I'm thinking about returning it due to poor workmanship on it. So instead I waxed my Boss for the first time and in keeping with my Ford Racing theme installed this.

Where can I buy the "Boss is back" decals? :)

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