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With PBOC FL at Daytona on the 24 Hour Course

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Spent last weekend at Daytona running on the 24 Hour Course.

Need to go faster throught the infield next year..............consistent 2:16's with one 2:14.

Best lap during the BMW 200 Continental Tire Challenge Race for the race winner Roush/Johnson was a 1:57 so I've got a long was to go ;)

Here's two laps..........

Did see 157 MPH at the start / finish line on second lap in the video

Hey 2012YellowBoss you realted you might have a 2:11 - 2:12 want to post it up? Did the video turn out?


Anyone going to Homestead in January with NASA? FASTDUO?
Yea, I put it in the Track Time thread. 2:11.8 best time all day in the last session before the clutch stopped working.

Best speed was 159.34, last year I had some speeds recorded at 166 but not by Traqmate. Still I think it was possible since my speed was still climbing at 159 but the shorter tires I had on made it harder to get to top speed. Once I shifted to sixth the acceleration fell flat on it face (around 4300 RPM's). Running a taller tire would have also helped some on the times times since I would top out at 150 (5th gear) off 1-2 long before the brake zone and shifting to 6th was not worth it.

Great weather and great people made it a fun day! There is a little of you Boss at the end of this vid before I pulled off into the pits.



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