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Woodward Dream Cruise 2013

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.... And Mustang Alley registration. It would be great to meet some more Boss owners, so come out to Detroit to see it all. As car nuts you have to experience the Woodward Dream Cruise. Last year IIRC something like 800 Mustangs registered and parked in Mustang Alley along 9 Mile, right in the heart of the cruise. Registration opened today and already have 220ish cars registered, so sign up early. Register here...

Also, I did the track event last year and if you dont get to track your car, at least you get to feel what it can do. Also a plant tour to see where they are born.
This looks like a cool event. I wish I was a bit closer. Have fun at the event.


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max5ive0 said:
Do you get a "special" parking spot?
From my understanding I have a spot reserved for me. There was also some talk about allowing me to pull the winning ticket for this years MS Society raffle.
i went to woodward in 09 and 10 (at the time in a lifted superduty on 40s) and had a great time. youll see everything from ultra rare classics to muscle cars to vehicles that are far from street legal (and everything in between). It is a ton of fun and I highly encourage everyone that can get there to do it.

Now that I own a Boss, I wish i could be part of mustang alley...definitely some great cars and people there.

I hope everyone has a great time that is attending.

As a side note there is another great cruise (something like the Telegraph Cruise) that is on telegraph over by the airport. Its not quite as big as woodward, but also has some really great attendance of cool cars!
Dean#4AI said:
I'm signed up!
Any idea when the track event/plant tour sign up opens? Went 2 years ago and loved it!

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No, I dont, just have to keep an eye on it. I hope to go to the plant tour this year. Did track event last year and my wife and I both had a blast. She kept embarrassing me on the drag race though.
There were over 800 spots last year, I'm thinking they might open spots if they get approval later. It would be great to see some BMO shirts there, guess I'll have to put in my order!
max5ive0 said:
There were over 800 spots last year, I'm thinking they might open spots if they get approval later. It would be great to see some BMO shirts there, guess I'll have to put in my order!
I am guessing that they will get some more spots as they become available.
Did any of your guys make the track event?
Unfortunately, I did not make it and got put on a waiting list.
With the plant tour getting cancelled too, I'm not so sure I'm making the trip.
I still haven't decided. :-\
That's too bad Dean, I got to do it last year, and since I am second owner and missed out on Miller Motorsports track day, it was my only chance to really feel what these cars are capable of and I was just blown away. You must do this someday, although if not this year there may not be a Boss to ride in. :(.
I made the cut...Fridays Track Event will be driving a mild Fusion to a 662 horsepower GT500! Hot laps will in the GT500.

Ford has included a tour of the Cobra Jet Building, this will be on Thursday.

First time for this event, taking a buddy that has a CO Boss.

Should be a good time, Ford is serious about no phones and no cameras! They will be collecting any photo taking equipment and holding them during the tour.

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